Welcome our first Supreme Fertility Baby!

Cindy (39) and her husband is Rudi Pullen (34), who live in Cullinan, approached Supreme Fertility after they had struggled to fall pregnant for four years. After trying naturally for a year, they had done 3 IUI's, and 1 IVF, all with negative results. Cindy had been told by the specialist that she was too old to use her own eggs, who recommended she consider using donor eggs. She didn’t feel up to this, and fortunately came across Supreme Fertility, which takes a different approach.

Supreme Fertility helped Cindy and Rudi understand the importance of a good diet, stopping bad habits and using the correct supplements for at least three months. They both did the Supreme Fertility DNA test and followed the program that was worked out for them, based on these results. The team at Supreme Fertility also provided emotional support for the couple and encouraged them not to give up .

Three months after completing the Supreme Fertility treatment, Cindy went for her second IVF at a state hospital and the result was Positive, using her own eggs! She even had 3 three additional embryos to freeze for later use.

Cindy and Rudi’s precious baby Janick was born in May 2020, and their dream of having their own bundle of joy has come true. Janick is now a healthy, happy baby.

Janick Pullen 2020

“One thing I appreciated about Supreme Fertility was their ability to determine exactly where the problem was by analysing our DNA. It was highly informative and interesting. They can inform you of things you did not even think of as being a possibility” said proud mom Cindy Pullen. “I found the experience incredibly positive, healthy, and definitely a must-do for anyone struggling to fall pregnant.

The healthy eating plan, supplementation and support was definitely the changing factor in our case. I would recommend Supreme Fertility to any couple struggling with infertility. The lifestyle changes we were advised to make and the professional medical advice we received made the world of difference” she added.

If you are struggling to conceive, contact support@supremefertility.co.za today to find out how we can help.

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