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Supreme Fertility - combines DNA testing with consultations, lifestyle guidance and supplementation to help couples conceive.

About Supreme Fertility

A new standard has been set for fertility treatment in South Africa. Supreme Fertility  is an innovative new fertility program that looks into the root cause of struggling to conceive and helps couples becoming the healthiest they can be in order to fall pregnant.


It is estimated that approximately 50% if infertility cases are caused by genetic issues. Supreme Fertility is unique in its approach in that, before any intervention, a DNA test is done on both the hopeful mother and family to determine what their genetic makeup indicates about their ability to conceive. The good news is that with this starting point, doctors are often able to identify possible genetic weaknesses and biological challenges very quickly and prescribe a course of treatment.


Supreme Fertility equips patients with an understanding of infertility linked to female factors and the potential causes of these, such as Endometriosis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, uterine fibroids and more. By providing a list of screenings, one is able to determine if any of these are evident. In this way, further hinderances to falling pregnant are eliminated. 


“Parenting begins the moment you begin to care for your own health in preparation for enhancing your child’s conception”

- Carista Lumbar Rosen.


Supreme Fertility builds on exactly that and enables both the mother and family to optimise their health and well-being in order to increase their chances of natural conception. The program includes lifestyle guidance and supplementation for both potential parents in order to help them conceive. Many over-the-counter vitamins can greatly benefit the process if taken from the onset of trying to conceive. A specific set are recommended.


Pre-natal vitamins almost always include folic acid, an essential nutrient that helps prevent devastating birth defects. However, what is not so commonly known is that approximately 50% of women’s bodies are unable to convert folic acid into folate, the form needed for it to be effective.  Supreme Fertility has launched a folate supplement to address this important concern. This is merely one example of the solutions proposed by the program.


Because eating is such an important part of equipping the body with the strength to conceive, a recommended eating plan is included for both him and her. This not only includes what to eat, and what not to eat, but also gives a recommended calorie intake to ensure that the body can redirect this energy.


Lifestyle changes such as the use of cell phones, laptops, air filtration, stress levels and an optimal BMI (body mass index) are recommended as part of this unique program. Also included is a recommended detoxification of one’s house, food and personal care products. And while the adage “self-care” if often used loosely, Supreme Fertility specifies the importance of this in specific ways.


Supreme Fertility is available through doctors and dieticians. Click here for a list of registered practitioners.


Debra Langley

BPharm (Cum Laude) (UP), NHN NHC

(Diploma Natural Health Nutrition)

Debra is the operations and training manager for Supreme Fertility. She is a qualified pharmacist, wholefood plant-based nutritionist, author and keynote speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of health and wellness.


After a personal experience with her third baby created an upset in her life, she chose to dedicate her time to researching the link between fertility and DNA and the solutions that this provides. She is passionate about the application of genetic testing to assist couples in their fertility journeys. Debra has helped umpteen patients apply the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to make healthy babies.


Debra has hosted talks for the PSSA (Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa), the Gauteng General Practitioners Association, Equilibria School of Life, Geneway, The Pharmacy Show, Tsogo Sun and many others and has been a contributor to the Natural Medicine Magazine and Oxygen. Debra is also a member of the Pharmacy Council of South Africa and the face behind the popular instagram feed @plantbased2go.



Dr Christa North

BSC Dietetics (Cum Laude) (NWU), Postgraduate Diploma In Dietetics (UP), BSC HON (Cum Laude) (NWU), MSC Nutrition (Cum Laude) (NWU), PHD (Nutrition) (NWU)

Dr Christa was instrumental in the formation of the Supreme Fertility programme, as she realized there was a great opportunity to use the personalized data provided by DNA testing on which to base fertility solutions for couples battling to conceive. Having seen the tremendous cost of IVF, which is so often prescribed, Christa noticed that there are often simpler (and more cost effective) solutions – the keys to which lie in each person’s DNA. With her formidable approach to research, Christa formulated this innovative concept, which has helped many couples on their fertility journey.


Christa has had a long and successful career in dietetics and nutrigenomics having worked in England and in South Africa. She is passionate about genetic testing and has run the training arm of local DNA testing company Geneway for four years. Geneway manages the DNA component of the Supreme Fertility programme. Using her specialized expertise, Dr Christa formulated all of the Supreme Fertility supplements.

Bernice Venter

BSc (HONS) Dietetics


Bernice obtained her BSc (HONS) Dietetics degree at the University of Stellenbosch. She has been successful in many fields of health and wellness including fertility and nutrition, in retail and private practice for several years.

She is passionate about treating fertility related conditions such as PCOS, and helped many patients combat insulin resistance, to improve their fertility outcomes. She is an advocate for personalized nutrition and fertility solutions, such as through the use of DNA testing. Bernice is also an expert in compiling personalized nutritional and supplementation plans.


As a Registered Dietitian, she has gained experience working as a Clinical Dietitian specifically with intensive care patients, neonates, rehabilitation patients as well as general medical patients. She has been involved in private practice helping patients achieve lifestyle changes for better health outcomes as well as assisting in specific health conditions.

Our Specialised Team


Over the course of the last few decades the natural balance and hormonal connection in our bodies has changed. We are living very different lives to our ancestors, they had fresher food, less toxic exposure, more exercise and less long-term stress. Some people still manage to conceive despite exposure to these modern issues, but others are not so lucky.

Media bombards us with confusing messages about how to optimise fertility. Supreme Fertility provides you with scientific-based information and answers to help you boost your fertility.

What makes us unique is our DNA – and that is the key ingredient to the success of Supreme Fertility. It is designed to give you more information about what is right for you as an individual, based on your genes. What you eat, where you live, how much you sleep, and exercise can all affect your genes and switch them on or off over time.

The balance between your DNA, supplements, diet, lifestyle and conventional medicine is what sets Supreme Fertility apart.​

Supreme Fertility, a premiere biotechnology company based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our customized DNA analytics, is specifically designed for healthcare practitioners to validate a patient's specific nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and fertility risks based on the patient's individual DNA findings.

Our team of experts have designed a turn key solution for practitioners to offer patients affordable Fertility DNA Testing through a simple cheek swab. Once tested, our fertility panel reports provide the patient's SNP  analysis. Our customised software, then further provides interpretation of each abnormal genetic variation in order to quickly assist the practitioner in recommending only the right supplements that are needed together with dietary, lifestyle and other key health information for the patient to help optimise the fertile environment.